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Samuel Le Bihan is probably the best actor you have never heard of. He is in a word, charismatic. He is not a household name, even in his native France, but when he is on the screen it is difficult to take your eyes from him. There is an old-school charm about Samuel that is both endearing and seductive; he is the boy-next-door and the dashing rogue in turns. While he may deny it, many see in him the same magnetism that made Marlon Brando a star. Onscreen, you can sense the personality bubbling beneath the surface and often he says more when he is silent than when he is delivering a line.

Going through his filmography one notices that Samuel can be chameleon-like in appearance. His look varies radically in accordance with clothing and hairstyle. He moves from a slovenly slacker to handsome romantic hero so smoothly you have to wonder if it is the same person. Then you see that spark in his eyes and you know. One has to wonder which of his personas is the real Samuel Le Bihan.

Samuel was born in 1965 in the town of Avranches. He has been described as a classic Breton. His parents were of modest means. Samuel was raised in the Paris suburbs. As a child, he had dreams of becoming a painter, mechanic or draftsman. He decided to become an actor after accompanying friends to the Cours Florent Academy (a drama school).  Being more of a student of life than the classroom, he briefly leaves the school to pursue a career in boxing and eventually ends up in New York where he attended courses at the Actors School.

Upon returning to France, Samuel rejoins the Academy and begins acting in television. His first big break comes when he is cast in the role of the photographer in 'The Three Colors: Red' with Irene Jacob in 1994. This is quickly followed up with 'A French Woman in 1995' which lands him the breakthrough role in 'Captain Conan' in 1996. For his portrayal of 'Norbert', Samuel was nominated for the Caesar award for Best New Actor. He rates top billing with 'Restons Groupes' in 1998 and receives popular acclaim with the award-winning 'Venus Beauty (Institut) in 1999 and 'Peau Neuve' also in 1999. 

In 2000, Samuel headlined with 'Jet Set' and 'Total Western'.  The ever hardworking actor quickly followed up with the smash hit 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' ('Le Pacte Des Loups') in 2001. This film, which defies any categorization, has pushed Samuel into the American cinematic spotlight. In it, he has proven himself to be an everyman actor; embracing the role of the romantic, the detective, and the action hero with equal voracity. Bravo.

The year 2002 appears to be a very active one for Samuel. Currently, he has five movies either in development or production. Let us hope that we will see even more sides of Samuel's personality shine through in these.

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 He received a Moliere for Best Actor for his portrayal of Stanley Kowalski in Philippe Adriens production of A Streetcar Named Desire.

He was nominated for the Cesar for Best New Actor for his portrayal of Norbert in Capitaine Conan in 1997.

Samuel is known for his spontaneity - which gives him good comedic timing.

He is a smoker.

He had to learn how to ride a horse for 'Brotherhood of the  Wolf'.

He is a fan of Angelina Jolie and Gerard Depardieu and would like to work with them in the future.

Samuel has a young son named Jule who is around seven. There is a clip from 'Brotherhood' on the TF1 website under Links which has Samuel and his son on a horse, very sweet.

The above is a compilation of previous biographies, Internet Movie Database, interviews and my own two cents.


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