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Samuel Le Bihan
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About Me
Hopefully I will not put you to sleep with a boring discussion of my interests. If you are a masochist, please read on...
I live in the United States in the quiet land of Kentucky - home of basketball, horses and bourbon, not necessarily in that order. I work long, dull hours at a computer company. My very dear work companions are like brothers to me. I am one of the few females in our department and much to my mothers dismay, am just one of the guys.
I attended a wonderful private college where I earned degrees in English and Political Science. I minored in Theater and Music and am a rabid fan of the arts. I went on to receive my Masters in Business. While I have been employed in more glamorous professions, my abilities have always run to the technical side so I ended up in computers (despite all of my degrees to the contrary).
I take great pleasure in a large variety of subjects.  I am a creature of knowledge.  I am a great reader and writer. I collect antique books, vintage French postcards (ooo-la-la) and classic Hollywood autographs. I prefer the art of Godward and Bougeureau and do not care for the Impressionist Period.  As a child I was fascinated by King Tut and Cleopatra and taught myself how to read Hieroglyphs.  I had wanted to be an Archeologist.  
My major regret is not being better in Mathematics (well, that and not being taller).  I also wish I had paid more attention during my French and Spanish language courses - and learned the Cello.
Food: Sushi, ice-chilled shrimp, popcorn balls
Books: 'Pride and Prejudice' and the entire 'Little House Series' by Laura Ingalls Wilder
Actor/Actress: Jimmy Stewart (sorry Samuel) and Loretta Young
Flower: Carnation
Guilty Pleasures: David Lee Roth, Techno, 'Road House', and A&E 'Biography'
Music: Mozart, Vivaldi, Prince, AC/DC, Sinatra & Crosby (vinyl)
Websites: E-Bay, (Silent Movie Star Site), Internet Movie Database
College Courses: Chaucer and all of my music and theater classes
Sports: Swimming, tennis, basketball (Go UK Wildcats!)
Hobbies: Photography, landscaping, astronomy and putting up websites for handsome French actors
Geekdoms: Trivial Pursuit Master, I play with a Rubik's Cube, I can recite Chaucer in Olde English, I have 20/15 vision, I have a large 1950's record collection, I can type 120 WPM, I play every Woodwind instrument known to man and I can recite 'Pride and Prejudice' verbatim.
Little known piece of worthless information: I was named after silent screen star Dolores Costello (better known as Drew Barrymore's grandmother).

Samuel a de belles mains...

Many of my friends who have passed by my shoulder while I was hard at work gathering information and creating this website asked me the same questions.Why this guy? Why Samuel Le Bihan?
I should say it was his wonderful acting and engaging performance, but truthfully, he simply enthralls me. I never took my eyes off of him during 'Brotherhood'. There is just something very charismatic about him that you can see bubbling below the surface. Something in his personality demands your attention. I sense that he is a real jokester and from all accounts, a very nice man.
While I was pulling together the movie trailers for the 'Multimedia' section I realized that he had been in 'Red' back in 1994. That was a lightening bolt for me. Samuel played the photographer. I saw that movie three times because of him. Here we are eight years later and history has repeated itself. Some things are just meant to be.

Photographing Valentine
'Red' With Irene Jacob