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Samuel Le Bihan
'Le Pacte' The Movie


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de Fronsac Takes Aim
Samuel as Gregoire de Fronsac

"Ever since I read the script for 'Brotherhood of the Wolf', I instantly knew that it was a genre film I would want to see on the screen. The story and the characters stunned me, and I couldn't imagine not playing the role of Fronsac. For me, it was like a gift."

"I found Fronsac to be very rich. He's not an intellectual but, rather a seeker, a scientist, someone who asks himself questions. He's curious. He learned his fighting skills from his Indian blood brother. In his own way, he advocates integration. He is very open and wants to understand the world."

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'Le Pacte Des Loups' is currently available on DVD in Europe and Asia(Region 2). This is the French only version (no English subtitles). There is a very nice three DVD collector edition with all types of goodies in addition to the movie. I am hopeful North America will also receive the same offering with subtitles when the time comes. The movie was in limited release here in the States. There are downloadable copies floating around on the internet with English subtitles - however I disavow all knowledge.


According to the box office sites, 'Le Pacte' has made $10 million in U.S. theaters in limited release since January 11, 2002. The film was a huge hit in France (released January 29, 2001) making $1.5 million in a single day while playing on 650 screens which led to the distribution deal with Universal.  The movie itself cost $29 million.

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