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Welcome to the American fan website for French actor Samuel Le Bihan. Samuel has made a splash on our shores with the role of 'Gregoire de Fronsac' in 'Brotherhood of the Wolf' (Le Pacte des Loups). This is a fabulous movie with action, romance, intrigue - simply something for everyone and Samuel shines.
Since there were no English language websites for Samuel, I created this one. Please bookmark this site,  I update throughout the day. If you have any images to share or some interesting tidbits on Samuel, please feel free to e-mail me. I love hearing from fellow fans.
Yours, etc.
Site Created: February 25, 2002

View the trailer for ' La Folie, Pas Du Tout'. Click on 'Voir La Bande Announce':

When you are finished here, please take a look at the Official Samuel Le Bihan website. It is in French and requires Flash. It is also in development but looks promising.

Samuel Le Bihan.Com

I would like to thank everyone for their kind words and encouragement regarding the website. What you do not see is my frustrated head banging on the keyboard at 3 a.m. because of technical problems.

Many thanks to Anne - and her wonderful scanner.

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