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'Le Pacte' Movie Images III
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This page is very photo intensive and may take a while to load. I created screen captures of some of my favorite Samuel moments from 'Brotherhood'. Most of these are not among the common publicity photos. I also chose some gratuitous hand shots since Samuel has such a nice pair.

Samuel Le Bihan

Pensive Look

Smiling Profile

Measuring The Bite

Measuring The Bite 2

Trying To Impress Marianne

Saving The Girl From A Seizure

Stopping Marianne From Killing The Wolf

Sketching Marianne

Dangerous Work - Knife To Mouth

Dangerous Work - Knife Under Chin

With Marianne On The Roof

Hearing The Tale Of Florentine Men

Asleep Before The Nightmare

Fabulous Eye Shot

Face Closeup At Versailles

Profile Closeup At Versailles

Telling Thomas About Mani - Smiling

Taking Aim At The Beast

Facepaint - Watching Through Window

Sending Mani To His Ancestors

Fighting Jean-Francois

Ending Jean-Francois

Facepaint - Looking Up At Heaven

Declares His Love For Marianne

Nice Face Shot - Seeing The Beast

Full Face - Seeing The Beast

Nice Hand Shot - Stroking The Beast

The Couple On Their Way To Africa

'Le Pacte' Movie Images

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