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Site Updates:

Samuel Le Bihan

Monday, August 4, 2003
It seems I never actually keep up with my updates to the site. Added info about Samuel's latest movie, 'The Last Sign'. It is currently filming.  I am assuming we will get to hear him speak English in this one. 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not' will come out on dvd next week. It is available through Amazon. French with Subtitles. Thank goodness no dubbing.
Monday, January 27, 2003
Oh boy, another month nearly gone. It just seems like yesterday when I started creating this site. I have made a couple small updates today. I have added new images to 'Movies 2003' and 'Samuel Images'.  I am mostly pulling these from Cannes and the Berlin Film Festivale. 
Thursday, January 3, 2003
A new year already. Oh, boy. I have not posted the updates I have made in a while. Shame on me. I have actually been offline for some time. The old beast computer finally gave up the ghost and I had to buy a new one.  I have added links to the 'Fureur' trailers on the intro page and on the 'Filmography' page. I have added 'La Mentale' images to the 'Movie Images 2002' section - this can now be found at the bottom of the 'Movie Images 2003' page. With the exception, of  'Fureur', all of the movies listed on this site are available on DVD. Sadly, most do not have English subtitles. I am looking forward to seeing 'Fureur', subtitles or not, from the trailer, it looks pretty good. I also saw mention in a French magazine that a sequel to 'Restons Groupes' will be done early this year. I will keep an eye out for more info on that one as well.
Friday, July 12, 2002
*SNIFF* Well, it had to happen sooner or later, Samuel has up and married gorgeous supermodel Daniela Beye.  I don't know the details. I was looking through the Cannes website when I saw mention of him as 'husband'. Send me any details if you have any. I did add a couple shots from Cannes under 'Samuel Images'.
Saturday, June 12, 2002
Woohoo! 'Variety' is reporting that 'A La Folet' will be released in the States in early 2003. Samuel Goldwyn Studios has purchased the rights and will be renaming the film 'He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not'. I will keep digging for more info.
Saturday, June 15, 2002
New information on Samuel is hard to come by and I really appreciate all of the bits and pieces that fellow fans pass along. Anne was kind enough to share four new photos of Samuel from his movies. I added two new photos under 'Movie Images'  for 'Restons Groupes' (including a great profile shot) and two photos for 'Captain Conan'.  
I am also very appreciative of the kind notes fan are leaving in the guestbook and the e-mails that are sent to me. My only wish is that Samuel would visit this site so he would realize how many international fans are out there.
Thursday, May 23, 2002
I added a small picture of Samuel from Cannes this year. It is under 'Samuel Images'. He is looking quite dashing in a black suit. Many thanks to Jeremy for that one.
Thursday, May 16, 2002
Not doing the Happy Dance anymore. The article about 'Le Pacte' being remade in the US is probably a bogus story. It was posted on April 1, but one can be hopeful. I have pulled the bulletin from the page regardless. :-(
Sunday, May 5, 2002 
Doing the Happy Dance! Anne just dropped off some great news in my box! Universal Studios (who was a distributor of 'Le Pacte') is planning on making an American version of the movie. Word has it that both Samuel and Mark are going to reprise their roles as DeFronsac and Mani. Woohoo!  More exposure for both of them. Gans cannot direct this one because he is working on another project. The Hughes brothers are slated to direct. Keeping my fingers crossed on this one. Happy Cinco de Mayo!
Wednesday, April 24, 2002 
'3 Zeros'  Website.
This is yet another French website inundated with the evils of Flash. Go to and click on Entrez. Then click on Simple Visiteur - that will take you directly to the multimedia section. Samuel is in most of the clips, but the ones that specifically feature him are listed below:
Les Teasers - Samuel is under #6 - Avoir La Classe & #7 - Avoir des Relations
Extraits - Samuel is #1, #5, #7
Making of - Click on Samuel's picture and then Ball #9
Interviews - #4, Balls 1-3
Added links under Multimedia to the '3 Zeros' website and video interviews from 'A La Folie'.
Friday, April 4, 2002
'Une Affaire Privee' is up and online. This site makes me queasy with Flash. What is it with the French and Flash multimedia?  Nice shots of Samuel in the trailer. Click around and explore.  I have added photos from the movie in the 'Movie Images' gallery and a link in 'Filmography'.
Wednesday March 27, 2002
I added an interview with Samuel under the Multimedia Section. He discusses his role in 'A La Folie' - which opens today, BTW.
I also added four photos that Anne was kind enough to scan. They are in B&W and are at the top of 'Le Pacte' Movie Images.
Monday, March 18 2002
Okay, so I got off my tuffet and added another page. This one is 'Odd Bits' and is a catch-all for Samuel tidbits that do not fit into a specific category. I started this page with the famous French actor Jean Gabin. Perhaps Samuel will play him in a future biographical film.
Saturday & Sunday March 16-17th, 2002
I lost everything in a computer crash.  Much cursing was heard throughout the land. Many incantations of 'System Restore', 'Safe Mode' and 'Reboot You Piece of Crap' were chanted. Voodoo dolls of Bill Gates were stacked along the walls like porcupine kindling. Cries of 'XP is not supposed to do this!' echoed through the darkness...

Friday, March 15, 2002
Added the website link for 'A La Folie, Pas Du Tout' to the Multimedia section. The scrolling photos at the top made me kind of queasy after a while. There are computer backgrounds from the movie poster but currently they are giving a 404 when you click on them. However, there are two very nice clips of Samuel under 'Video Extras' at the bottom - 3 & 4.

'A La Folie, Pas Du Tout' Website

Added a link to 'The Crow: Stairway to Heaven' Mark Dacascos website under 'Le Pacte' Movie Images.  Under 'Gallery' there are some great images from the set of 'Le Pacte' that I had not seen before. In particular, ones of Samuel performing the fight scene at the beginning of the movie. Anne tells me that the French DVD Extras has three versions of this scene. It was filmed with Mark fighting, with Samuel fighting and with both of them fighting. I can't wait to see it!

'The Crow: Stairway to Heaven' Dacascos Site

Added link to Gouvenel Studios under 'Samuel Images'. There are several small photos of Samuel looking dapper with very short hair.

Gouvenel Studios

I created a screensaver featuring Samuel's images from 'Le Pacte' - under 'Multimedia'. I made this with a demo version for testing so there is a small pester scroll at the bottom. I had originally set this to Bonnie Tyler's 'I Need A Hero'. The finished product was a bit large so it is currently images only. I am going to create a smaller sound file from my own CD and then add it and upload. Let me know if you like this screensaver, if the feedback is positive, I will buy the program and create more screensavers using movie files next time. 1.49MB.

Samuel 'Le Pacte' Screensaver

Unrelated to Samuel but very cool - Ecran Total Computer Backgrounds added to 'Multimedia'. These are gorgeous, high-quality background images. Many entertainment images and simply beautiful photography. Take a look:

Ecran Total Computer Backgrounds

I just added a couple new photos to the 'Samuel Images' section. One is a 'Le Pacte' cast shot and the other is Samuel and Jeremie Renier (Thomas) - and another serious French cutie. I also replaced some images on the 'Movie Images' page with higher quality photos.

I added a link in 'Multimedia/Links' for the short featuring Samuel which advertised the 2001 Festival of the Cinema. You can also watch a 'making of' on the same site. Interesting viewing. Rain effects with a spray bottle - I love technology.

'Fete Du Cinema' Samuel Short

I added a link in 'Multimedia' to a TV interview Samuel did for TTV. It is in Real Player format only

TTV Interview

Thursday, March 14, 2002
Added more images under 'Movie Images'. Multiple additions to the 'A La Folie' section. Added link on the Home Page for the 'A La Folie' trailer.

Link of interest at MesotheliomaHelp.Net :