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Samuel Le Bihan

Why Samuel?

Many of my friends who have passed by my shoulder while I was hard at work gathering information and creating this website asked me the same questions.Why this guy? Why Samuel Le Bihan?
I should say it was his wonderful acting and engaging performance, but truthfully, he simply enthralls me. I never took my eyes off of him during 'Brotherhood'. There is just something very charismatic about him that you can see bubbling below the surface. Something in his personality demands your attention. I sense that he is a real jokester and from all accounts, a very nice man.
While I was pulling together the movie trailers for the 'Multimedia' section I realized that he had been in 'Red' back in 1994. That was a lightening bolt for me. Samuel played the photographer. I saw that movie three times because of him. Here we are eight years later and history has repeated itself. Some things are just meant to be.

Photographing Valentine
'Red' With Irene Jacob

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