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Samuel Le Bihan

These trailers and video clips are in various
formats. If for some reason you cannot get one
to load, it may be because you do not have the
correct media player installed. The links below
are for the most common ones used. Download
is free on all.

Fronsac Multimedia

Windows Media Player

Real Player


'3 Zeros' Multiple Trailers and Interviews

Cast Interviews 'A La Folie'.

Samuel Discusses 'A La Folie' - Top Link

Tchatche TTV Interview - Real Player

2001 Festival of the Cinema Short Featuring Samuel

Unrelated But Cool - Ecran Total Computer Backgrounds

Samuel 'Le Pacte' Screensaver

Tailer for 'A LA FOLIE, PAS DU TOUT'

'A La Folie, Pas Du Tout' Website - See Video Extras

TF1.FR - Looks Like 'Entertainment Tonight'

I strongly recommend you take a look at the TF1.FR link.
There are multiple clips of Samuel from his movie
sets and interviews from Cannes. Some are very high quality.

Samuel On Playing De Fronsac.

Samuel Gets Combat Training

'Brotherhood of the Wolf' - English Website

'Le Pacte des Loups' - French Website

'Brotherhood of the Wolf' German Website

'Jet Set' Website

'Jet Set' Trailer

'Venus Beauty Institute' Trailer

'Jack's Potes' Movie Short Clip

'Peau Neuve' Trailer

'Total Western' Trailer

'Total Western' Website

'Restons Groupes' Website

'Restons Groupes' Trailer - Great Quality

'Capitaine Conan' Trailer

'Red' Trailer


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