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All Creatures Great & Small

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Below is Sasha. Her name is Shawnee for Eight. She is the eighth animal to pass through our collective lives. I found her September 26, 2000. She had been sleeping on the engine block of someone's car and had managed to survive the drive to my work. When I saw her, time stopped, she looked exactly like my Malcolm. Sasha was just under three months old then, three months past the day Malcolm died. At times I think that he has come back to us through her. Although she looks like him, she is diametrically opposite of his personality, energetic, vivacious, and this time, Jeff's cat.

Sasha in the Window 10-14-00

Sasha Looking Cute 10-14-00

Jeff & Sasha 10-14-00

Remembering Malcolm

1992 - July 1, 2000

Spud Kitty

Malcolm went by many names in the short time he spent with us; Muffin Man, Spud Kitty, Spudley, Little Fat Groundhog. He was my baby, my fat little lap cat. The moment I sat down he was there. If I tried to read we would sit on my book or paper - 'Cat Owners Are Not Well Read' a cartoon says, this is true. I would trade all the books in the world to have him in my lap again with his little pink tongue sticking out, purring so loudly he would drown out the television. He was stubby and round and had enormous whiskers like a Walrus. He would sleep on me during the night, his rumbling purr was the first thing I woke up to every morning. I miss that the most. We miss you Spudley...