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Welcome to my personal web site!

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Hi there! My name is Dolores. Welcome to my personal page all about me, me, me. I have been creating web pages for years but this is the first time I have pointed the cursor in my direction. Obviously this page is constantly under construction.


I was born in WV in 1968.
I live in KY.
Married to Jeffrey since 1990.
Graduated Berea College in 1992.
Graduated EKU in 1994.
I work for a major printer company.


Movies: Amadeus, It's A Wonderful Life, Aliens
Actor/Actress: Jimmy Stewart & Loretta Young
Music: Mozart, Bloodhound Gang, Alabama
Food: Sushi, Green Beans, Popcorn
Authors: Patricia Cornwell, Laura Ingalls Wilder, John Saul

Renoir Woman With Cat

Artist rendition of me with my Spud Kitty.

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